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Olivia Wayne, Sky Sports News Presenter, Power Chats

Presenter Olivia Wayne, is proof that hustle and hard work pay off. After a stint in the fashion industry, she now rises at 3am to break stories on Sky Sports News. Here she tells Step Up how it feels to be in front of the camera before most of us are awake and why sport most definitely isn’t just for the boys.

What does success mean to you? Success to me is achieving a good balance and being content in all aspects of my life. Managing to reach a level within my career whereby hopefully my ambitions are realised – whilst also being confident and satisfied in the process of getting there. Balancing my career with a happy home life and good social life would be the ultimate success.

I am a woman working in a man’s world. Discuss. Whilst sport is definitely still considered a man’s world, I find this a continually infuriating label as sport transcends gender. Sport involves skill, passion, accomplishment, determination, results, success and failure and it is not restricted to men. As a female working in sport I find it exciting and welcoming, with a competitive edge – which is what I thrive on. As a journalist and broadcaster I feel excited and motivated by the exciting worlds of media, news and sport – and being a woman is just a detail.

Fashion and sport. Do they mix? I think fashion and sport have always blended well together. From footballers and their wives wearing the latest collections straight off the catwalk, to sportswear becoming increasingly stylish and luxe as well as functional. Neither are mutually exclusive and in fact I think both industries see the huge influence and impact that the other has on them. I have always been into both. I’ve always played lots of sport, been a big Chelsea and tennis fan, as well as following fashion and loving experimenting with trends. I’ve worked in both industries and fashion is a real infatuation of mine. I follow the new fashion seasons as closely as I do the new football ones and the Sunday papers are as much about the sports pull-outs as Stylist, Stella and You Magazine. I think both are about passion, the story, identity and fun. Both will always play a big part in my life.

You spend every morning in front of the camera. How does it feel? Life in front of the camera is exciting and stimulating. I love the adrenaline rush of a breaking big news story, the camaraderie on set with my co-presenters, the skills required to listen to 3 people at once whilst talking live on air. Just before going on air, I love feeling ready; knowing I look the part after being transformed by hair, makeup and wardrobe. It can be nerve-wracking when working on new projects out of your comfort zone, yet at the same time seeing that little red light feels very familiar and comforting. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and feel very lucky and privileged to be able to do it as my full time job.

A day in the life of Olivia Wayne looks like this. I wake up at 3am and after hitting the snooze button a couple of times I am out the house by 3.30 to be at work for 4am. The two hours before going on air are filled with prep. I look to see what the big stories of the day are, what news could break while on air. What live sport there is for us to update, what interviews I will have and any guests that may be coming into the studio. There is a production meeting with the whole team and then I go to wardrobe and hair and makeup. My shifts are all live and around 4 hours long and so it is intense. You have to be prepared for what could happen and also what you know will happen – failure to prepare and all that! At 10 o’clock our shift ends, and typically I head straight to the gym and have a session with my personal trainer Peter Cobby. Alternatively I will go spinning or for a run or do yoga. I am really passionate about health and fitness and I see the necessity and benefits of a healthy balanced life style, especially when working shift-work. The early starts and lack of sleep could easily take their toll and so I try to eat plenty of protein and vegetables, and limit my sugar, dairy, alcohol and gluten. All in moderation of course! After the gym, my afternoons are either spent working on other projects, having meetings, napping (if I have an event that night) or if it’s the weekend, spending time with my family and friends. If I am working the next day, it’s usually an early dinner with my husband and straight to bed (via a good box set).


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