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Flat It Out

By 05/10/2016Work

Whatever your political persuasion, you can’t not have been moved by the way Theresa May has calmly and resolutely inhabited the post of Prime Minister.

Her commitment to trousers and flats for her opening Tory Party conference speech this week, might seem like a trivial point when Brexit is still in the air, terrorism looms large and the pound is at its lowest ever rate against the euro, but we think that’s missing her punchy sartorial point.

Every new political leader leaves clues to how she or he will work. In the case of, May who has already proved that nothing she does is accidental, her considered choice of slacks and flats, shows that this is a woman who does things her way.

Plus, she obviously read our first feature as Get The Gloss’ new Career Columnists, on flats and gravitas. And now knows the importance of staying rooted to the ground to increase one’s presence and stature. Plus plus, she clearly doesn’t give a hoot if the press and delegates were expecting a neat shift dress and kitten heels – and we love her for that.

May, you are doing brilliant things for womankind. And your shoes rock too. If you want something similar (you know us, never ones to missing a fashion advice opportunity), watch out for French Sole’s new collaboration with Barbara Hulanicki, hitting stores next month.




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