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This April, Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) hosted the first event for its Young Executive Programme, developed to grow and support CEW members under the age of 30. We were privileged to be asked to host the first event with a one-hour workshop, which was focused on helping CEW’s Young Executive members to boost their skill sets, define “Brand You”, learn to self-promote and crucially give them the confidence to network. Watch the video to find out more.

Sarah Brown, Chairman of the Young Executive Programme and founder of Pai Skincare, introduced the event by saying, “At CEW we felt there was more we could be doing to support and develop our emerging young talent. The Young Executive Programme is a series of tailored events designed to get young people inspired – thinking laterally and creatively, communicating better and generally furthering their professional skills. It is a great mentoring platform that offers our beauty businesses affordable, bite-size training sessions that have been really thought through. The events have been conceived by employers and senior executives in the industry with experience of managing big teams and who understand the challenges of nurturing and retaining staff.”

During the workshop, CEW members learned how to achieve career success while being true to their personal values, which fall into four success categories: The Climber, The Self Improver, The Expert and The Influencer. Before breaking off into a networking session CEW members also learnt not only what traditional career success means for both men and women but also how it is achieved within their individual values.

Alice said, “Confidence is a key state of mind, it’s something you can improve on and change within yourself. If perusing a definition of success is not authentic to you, you will not feel fulfilled. It’s important to define what success means to us as individuals.  You can then feel success in an authentic way while pursuing your dreams”.

If you are a woman in the cosmetics industry, find out more about CEW on https://www.cewuk.co.uk/


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