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If you’re anything like us, you probably neglect your skin in favour of all of life’s

other demands.  And trust us, the past few weeks we’ve been burning the candle at

both ends and our skin is not thanking us. So we thought it would be prudent and

helpful to pull together the ultimate beauty regime to improve tired skin. Who said

five a day just needs to be confined to fruit?

So here’s our edit for you, for glowing, youthful skin. And not just that, we’ve slotted

them in around your workday, so that you can easily fit this regime into your busy

days. Go forth and glow team.

7 am. Face masks may seem like a luxurious treat or a pre-party prep. But Phanella

has discovered the joys of a morning mask. Put it on before you jump in the shower

and leave it whilst you bush your teeth… That’s what we call multi-masking! This

one from Balance Me is great and doubles up as exfoliator. WIN WIN.

8 am. BANISH THOSE BAGS. Eyes may be the portals to the soul, but they’re also

the first thing to give away your mid week cocktail catch-up… oops. Alice love this

gem from Origins to brighten and reduce puffiness!

12 pm.  Re-hydrate. The coffee that got both of us out of the house is also the

culprit for our joint dehydrated skin. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer Water is an instant pick me up and doesn’t mess your make up!

7 pm. There is nothing better than taking off the day! A favourite of ours from Pai! After you’ve

washed off the slap and the stress, take some time to give yourself a little face massage and relax!

9 pm. If you want to step-up your relaxation game in the evening take 20 for a

Magnesium bath. Nigma Talib (naturopathic Dr and esthetician to the stars) swears

by magnesium for everything!

Radiance Face Mask, Balance Me £18; Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimiser, Origins £32; Photo Finish Primer Water, Smashbox £22; Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser; £28; Magnesium Flakes, Better You £3.59


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