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Black Lives Matter

Let’s Work Together To A More Inclusive Future

What a few weeks it has been. I am of course talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, which was so overdue, but still hit me for six. First, it took time and energy for me to process everything around George Floyd’s murder, seeing the unfolding scenes in the America. And then trying to get my head around my own biases, those of my business and how to articulate all of this on social media, where I felt that women were waiting for me to speak.

I found it challenging and I am not afraid to say that.

Thankfully, I have a couple of amazing Black coaches in the Membership Club, and they have been my saviours, giving me advice, allowing me to test the waters around my own questions and fears and guiding me to be able to thinking clearly about what actions I want to take. I feel very strongly that I want to be able use Step Up for lasting good.

I may not get everything right in the first instance; my own own re-education is only just beginning too, but I am absolutely doing the best that I can at this stage, and I am ready to adapt.

Here is my short term plan, which I am sure it will deepen and evolve as we move forward, so please bear with me.

1. Next month, I will be hosting a very special online event with, Yewande Faloyin and Janine Esbrand, the two incredible coaches that I mentioned above. The event’s aim is simple: to create a safe space for women to voice their thoughts, ask questions, hear truths and share common feelings. In short, we will be creating an inclusive space in which to learn how to be more inclusive.

Having Yewande and Janine’s hosting and being able to share their personal experiences alongside coaching knowledge is going to make this very special indeed. We will charge a small fee to attend to raise money for the Black Lives Matter charity. Please register your interest here.

2. Next on my plan is to create regular inclusivity bundles within the Membership Club, at the moment I am hoping to do this quarterly, but that might change as I put things in place. I will be working with a Black coach to create all of this content to ensure absolute credibility. If you are looking to improve your own position and knowledge around professional inclusivity, whether that’s for your company or your team/role, then now is the time to join.

What I’ve noticed, having had quite a few conversations in this sphere since things really came to the fore, is that a lot of you are struggling with where and how to start on being more inclusive both at home and at work. You feel nervous, as I do, revealing your lack of knowledge in this area, and perhaps scared too about saying or doing the wrong thing.

I will be addressing all of this and much more in the Membership Club’s new inclusivity bundles. We will explore unconsicous bias, discrimination, inclusivity policy and much more. If you feel out of your depth already, please remember the Club is here for you. Also, if you have any requests around this subject, send them in. I am all ears.

3. You may have seen, but the other action that I’ve already taken is to give away 30 free memberships to Women Of Colour. I am genuinely so excited about this. There is nothing more logical than just opening the Club to more diversity, and the new members are joining and it’s adding such positivity already. I felt so moved when I read the (hundreds) of applications. I picked the first 30 as promised, there was no ulterior motive. Hopefully this is something I can do again. Step Up already feels fresher and more relevant.

4. The last point I want to make in this first BLM blog, and there will be more, is sharing a Black Lives Matter resources directory that I’ve been compiling since everything imploded. By supporting Black owned businesses, by reading the amazing resources out there and by donating to these important charities, we can start to make a difference.

More changes, of course to come.



(Please reach out with resources that I’ve missed and I will keep updating the list)


George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Movement For Black Lives

The North Star Collective


How To Talk To Kids About Racism

Dear White Friend: You Need to Take a Side by Patrice C. Washington

Advice and books from UK Black owned bookshops

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Tackling Racial Discrimination At Work

I Want To Be An Ally But I Don’t Know What To Do by Giselle Buchanan


Ten Steps To Non-Optical Allyship

What Britian Has Taught Me About Being Black

About Race Podcast

Still Processing Podcast

Supporting Black Owned Businesses


Original Flava @originalflava

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen by @ghanakitchen

Hibiscus by Lopè Ariyo @lopeariyo

Ethiopia by Yohanis Gebreyesus @chef_yohanis

Belly Full by Riaz Phillips @Belly.full


Liha Beauty @LihaBeauty

BeautyStack @beautystack

Bouclème @boucleme

Afrocenchix @afrocenchix

The Afro Hair and Skin Company @afrohairandskinco

Rad Swan @radswan

Charlotte Mensah @charlottemensah


Wales Bonner @walesbonner

Casely-Hayford @caselyhayfordlondon

Daughter of a Bohemian @daughterofabohemian

Daily Paper @dailypaper

Aaks @a.a.k.s

Martine Rose @martine_rose

Nubian Skin @nubianskin

Sincerely Nude @sincerelynude

Home and Lifestyle

Prick @prickldn

Bespoke Binny @bespokebinny

New Beacon Books @newbeaconbooks

La Basketry @labasketry

Reset Travel @Resettravel

Publications and Platforms










List compiled using my own research as well as help from @femaleentrepreneurassociation @ukjamii @blackwomensdirectory




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