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This week’s subject is CAREER CHANGE. We’ve been talking about this a lot recently. So much so that you’ve been getting in touch with your thoughts too. We love that kind of thing, so as an aside, if you ever want to voice your opinions or ask a question, please do drop us an email and we’ll reply to everyone individually, although it may take us a few days.

So change is scary at any point in our lives. That’s an absolute given. There’s fear of the unknown, fear of having enough confidence to shake things up, and then there’s the inevitable up-skilling, the need to expand your network and everything else that goes along with rebuilding your work status quo.

We’re massive advocates of change because we are living proof that it can be a hugely positive experience. We’re certainly happier and more fulfilled than we were this time 10 years ago. Boom. But, change doesn’t happen overnight. There have been A LOT of tears, WhatsApp conversations and spilt coffees to get us here writing this newsletter today, that’s for sure.

But the end goal isn’t what we’re focusing on today. What we want to talk about is WHERE YOU ARE NOW. We were inspired to write this newsletter because of an email from one of you. Our vocal Step Up friend appreciated hearing our personal career change stories, but she felt she couldn’t apply them to herself because she didn’t consider her admin job as being the same calibre as our previous roles. Both emotionally and financially she found this a stumbling block.

It was a thought provoking read for us, and we replied in the only way we know how – with complete honesty. Yes we had both been employed by well known companies (Phan: JP Morgan, Alice: The Times) but we were still in our twenties when we started our jumping ship odysseys. We did these independently of each other, by the way, and for very different reasons. Anyway, what we said in our reply was this:

“The thing about career change is that it isn’t about where you’ve come from, but rather where you are heading. Cash flow is a big consideration, and one that has certainly slowed down our moves too. Who can possibly just leave a big job and start again? Not us. The thing is, especially today, when the internet supports so much cheap, effective change (whether that’s via your LinkedIn network, or launching a new business), we are all able to make career change progress as a side hustle to the day job. It might be exhausting to work in the evenings, or on weekends, but it is a brilliant way to instigate change and remain financially solvent and just as valid as diving in head first. The truth is, we come across women every week who change careers from all number of different starting points. So look at your skills and your passion, rather than your current job title, and keep dreaming big.”

Here are our Top Three Tips To Getting Your Change Off The Ground

1. You don’t need to make a big leap until you’ve built your foundations. We blended our previous day jobs with Step Up for at least the first year. It was bloody tiring, and we still had to make the scary leap to leave our regular salaries, but to start with, it gave us security on all fronts.

2. Network,  Network,  Network. Already today, we’ve had two hugely fruitful meetings with women who have been there and done it. You can only learn if you talk to others. So bite the bullet, and do as much networking groundwork as you can. Even if it means emailing an very old colleague/contact/school friend. Really, the worst that can happen is that they don’t reply. Then you just move onto the next.

3. Mentally free yourself from where you are now. Ok, you might need to still clock into your current job for the next 6 months, year even, while you plot your change. But see that doesn’t mean you can’t plot, plan and emotionally embark on something new. Don’t ever see yourself as being trapped. The day job has its bonuses but that doesn’t mean you have to be signed up for life.

Honestly, we love hearing from you. So keep those emails coming, and tell us your career change stories. You keep us on our toes, we love having such an engaged community, and you never know, next week’s post might answer your current issue too!


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