Coaching and Courses

There are lots of ways that you can find support in the Step Up Club, from individual coaching and mentoring, to immersive group coaching courses.

There is also the club’s members zone, which offers a unique blend of continually-updated resources, instant expert advice, as well as an active community of women from all corners of the working world. Step Up Club has something for every woman.

Choose the solution that’s right for you.

The Evolve Program

Evolve is a CPD accredited program will help you to leverage the shift into hybrid working and take control of your professional self again.


Alice sat at desk
30 Day Reset Program

Navigate these challenging times to feel confident and capable again with my 30 Day Reset program


Coaching with Alice

With sessions ranging from 3 x 45-min to 12 x 45-min, Alice helps clients find the solutions that are right for them.

£599 to £2050

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A membership club for ambitious career and business women looking to achieve success their way.

£34.99 p/m or £349 p/y