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Right, big topic ahead; come on, we know you’ve got 5 minutes to keep reading. In fact, we highly recommend that you do, because we’re pretty sure we have the secret to your lasting career success. Like really… it’s pretty massive.

So this week, we’re tackling A HUGE subject that will affect us all. There are no exaggerations required when it comes to the Tsunami of change that’s going to hit us all: yes, we’re taking about Bots. Robots.

As you probably already know, we – your Step Up founders – have a rather specific and enduring mutual mind block when it comes to technology. It’s just not really our thing. Among many other things, we grapple with Facebook custom audiences and coding the backend of our website (who doesn’t?!). Thankfully though, because of what we do, we at least have our eyes wide open to the huge Artificial Intelligence shift that’s already making itself felt in global careers. No tech knowledge required for that!

The facts

If you want the gritty stats and info, and it doesn’t necessarily make pretty reading, here are just a few examples – there are plenty more where these came from:

We told you it’s going to be a Tsunami of change. The good news (where there’s darkness, there will always be light and all that..!), is that a redistribution of roles, and by that we mean from humans to Bots, won’t necessarily result in swathes of job losses – because the rise of automation itself will also create new career opportunities for us human beings.

But there’s a caveat, and it’s connected to the secret we promised you at the top. And it’s this: in short, we are all going to have to become a lot more agile in how we navigate our careers. Yup, see ya later Job For Life, from now on, we reckon your best bet is to fill your metaphorical life backpack with skills that will allow you to change tack, retrain and basically just respond quickly on all fronts to change, in all its infinite forms.

We actually formulated our thoughts on this, whilst talking about the press release for our upcoming Step Up School online programme. This is a big launch for us, a massive one; it’s something we’ve been working on for over a year now, and we want to do it proud. We want to do ourselves proud. So while it feels a little bit un-British to so directly self-promote, we are also aware that we need to take some of our own advice too. And if we say it once, we say it a thousand times: self-promotion is the number one career behaviour linked to success in women. Which is why we’re sharing this with you first.

Did you find that interesting? Do you think we should use this AI/Step Up School angle to sell our new learning baby? After all, our course is all about building the skills that allow us to be our best, most agile selves. And that’s worth shouting about, right?! Please let us know. Your feedback back is GOLD.


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