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There is one thing you could be doing right now that will put you in the best position for the New Year. And it’s so simple. 

Often, in December we spend far too much time obsessing about Christmas shopping and/or our potential New Year’s resolutions, and absolutely not enough time considering what we’ve achieved in the outgoing year.

This is a big mistake.

We can’t evolve as people, if we don’t consider what has passed and how we can utilise our achievements to inform our next moves.

If you are anything like us, you’ll spend the majority of time and headspace mulling over the stuff in life that doesn’t go right. The thing is, what we do when we busy our brains with negativity, is leave no room for all the good stuff – the good stuff just evaporates into the ether.

But that good stuff, your 2107 wins, are VITAL for how your career (and life) will go next year. Because when you mentally bank your year-end achievements, you put yourself in poll position before January even breaks. Sure, we all obsess about New Year’s resolutions, but really this skill for positive reflection is far more important in the evolution of your personal development.

So with this in mind, here’s our list of how collating your WINNING evidence will boost your career.

  1. SELF PROMOTION: You can’t big up your achievements if you don’t have them at the forefront of your mind. Self-promoting is all about taking those wins and weaving them into a memorable narrative. Write your now.
  2. BRAND YOU: Your personal brand = skills + unique personality + achievements. Knit them altogether into a seductive offering, and your brand will stand out among the crowd.
  3. PAY: We say feed the feedback; don’t just sit at your year-end line manager meeting and hear what they’ve got to say; take some control back and impart your wins too. And don’t just communicate the best bits, take ownership of them too. Replace WE with I, when it’s appropriate.
  4. NETWORKING: Everyone wants to work with someone who’s doing great; be that person. We achieve so much everyday, we just aren’t always able to be objective about our wins. Set yourself a networking challenge this Christmas period: at each party, tell someone you don’t know one of your 2017 achievements. Big or small, they all count.
  5. CONFIDENCE: When you keep a belief record – and that can be an email file, or long hand notes of all of your achievements – and then crucially, reread the evidence every week or so, you do something amazing for yourself. You start to retrain the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself into positive ones. Try it, it’s amazing. We call our email folders our BRAG FILE, it makes us smile each time we file something nice away.

Come on, let’s all be good to ourselves at this time of year. Because when you build strong, positive foundations, new beginnings seem altogether less daunting.




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