Email Mentoring With Alice Bundle


    With Alice’s email mentoring, you get timely guidance and support straight to your inbox – perfect for women on the go who are looking for a more casual or informal approach.

    It also means you’ll have all your advice and support in one place – a series of conversational emails – so you can go back and revisit her guidance or materials at any time.

    Over the course of six weeks, Alice will act as your trusted advisor, providing fast, friendly and effective mentoring, so you can lean on her at your own pace to build your knowledge, skills and confidence.

    While there’s no issue too big or small, email mentoring is often more suitable for tackling specific issues with targeted, practical advice and solutions.  It’s also ideal for women dealing with sensitive issues who may prefer to discuss their situations in writing rather than verbally or to keep a greater level of anonymity.

    *Step Up Club Zone members get 10% off! Click here for more information on how to join the Zone. Existing members can find their promo code in the discount area in The Hub.


    BUY NOW: Email mentoring with Alice (six weeks) £399