30 Day Reset Program (Sold Out!)

    The doors are now closed! If you would like to find out when I will be running my 30 Day Reset program again, please email me to register your interest at [email protected]

    If your work life has been rattled by the pandemic, and you are questioning your resilience, wondering about your motivation, and nervous for your work future then you are not alone.

    Attempting to navigate this changing professional landscape has been extremely challenging for us all.

    But changes inevitably creates opportunities, so if you are ready to move forward again and feel confident and capable at work then the 30-Day Reset Program is for you.

    Designed and delivered to just 10 women by Alice Olins, Step Up’s founder and head coach, the 30-Day Reset program will carry you out of your current situation and give you the tools and confidence to reinvigorate your day job, rebuild your business, pivot in what you do and start afresh if needs be.

    The 30-Day Reset Program, is focused on the key skills we need right now: resilience, motivation, positive habits and future planning. Learn these and you will thrive again.

    Step Up’s 30 Day Reset program has already helped women like you to bounce back faster and stronger.


    “The Reset program was exactly what I needed after being furloughed. Alice has a real magic; her dynamic and full program supports and uplifts in these challenging times. She held space for each of us and delivered the program with kindness and compassion. The group of inspiring, thoughtful and encouraging women made it extra joyous. Reset really did give me tools and strategies to feel more resilient, more motivated and to think more positively about my career and future.” Lucy, Events 


    Here’s how it works:

    • The program is delivered by Alice to just ten women, meaning it stays individually focused and the group becomes a tight network for ongoing support.
    • Alice hosts a two-hour collaborative group coaching call every Wednesday for 4 consecutive weeks.
    • Each participant also receives a one-hour individual coaching session with Alice to cover individual circumstances and effectively apply the learnings to their own situations.
    • Participants receive accompanying weekly workbooks to structure their progress.
    • Everyone who becomes part of the 30 Day Reset program, also receives 2 months free access to the Step Up Members Zone to supplement and support progress.
    • Also included is access to the closed Step Up network and a bespoke Reset community


    “I am overwhelmingly impressed and enthused by Alice’s clear depth of knowledge; she is an empathetic woman as well as being immensely kind and wise. We have all come out of the program with clear goals, energized again and with a new network to support us moving forward. If you are at a crossroads then Step Up’s Reset program will help you define what’s next.” Adele, Growth Lead


    The 30-Day Reset Program is for anyone who wants help navigating these uncertain times. Whether you need help rebuilding after a challenging few months, want support navigating a specific situation, need to pivot or regrow your business or are looking for a fresh start, then join us.


    Here is the course outline, so that you know what we will be covering each week.

    Week One

    Unpicking your current situation and starting a new resilience journey

    Week Two

    Becoming agile and learning to see new opportunities

    Week Three

    Learning new approaches to productivity and creating positive habits

    Week Four

    Your new success and making plans to secure this future


    About Alice Olins

    I started the Step Up Club because I wanted to make career, business and personal development more accessible to women like you. By investing in ourselves and connecting as a wider community, I truly believe that we can unlock our confidence, achieve success their feels true to us as individuals and grow as women.

    After a successful ten-year career as a journalist, I was drawn to coaching as a way of harnessing my own experiences and knowledge to help women like you rebuild their confidence and reach their full potential. I know that asking for help is the first and hardest, but don’t go it alone any longer.

    Since starting the club, I have coached hundreds of women and run workshops for over a 1,000 participants, finessing my methods as I go. And that is why I am in the best position to support you now.

    As well as being an entrepreneur, coach, media expert, author and public speaker, I’m also a mother of three. I know what it takes to thrive as a modern working woman, and I am happiest when I am using my coaching skills and personal knowledge to support women like you.

    So why not step up and join the club? Together we can make you shine again.

    Alice Olins, Founder & Director