If we asked you for your definition of success, what would you say? For us, it’s simple: success is unique to each of us.

Welcome back to The Success Revolution: the podcast that’s changing the way we talk – and think – about success. We’re The Step Up Club and we’re on a mission to get every single one of you feeling successful, no matter what that success looks like for you.

In this episode of The Success Revolution we speak to Edith Bowman, broadcaster, BBC stalwart and creator of the award-winning Soundtracking podcast. You can’t help but be drawn to Edith’s straight-talking humour and honest insights into what it’s like to be a woman working in radio and TV. She talks to us about how she broke into the industry, how she bounces back from public failure and even helps us learn how to take control of our own careers.

You can listen to Edith’s podcast, Soundtracking here.

This episode is recorded in support of Future Dreams, a breast cancer charity that helps raise awareness around breast cancer and offers incredible and unique support to women and their families going through difficult journeys. Find out more about how to help at FutureDreams.org.uk.

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