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If I asked you for your definition of success, what would you say? For me, it’s simple: success is unique to each and every one of us.

Welcome to The Success Revolution, the podcast that’s changing the way we talk – and think – about success. Having worked with one too many women who’s had her confidence and her identity diminished as a result of working towards an antiquated definition of success – you know it, money, power, status, etc.

In this episode of The Success Revolution, we speak to free-from foodie entrepreneur, Olivia Wollenberg. Founder of Livia’s Kitchen, who blew us away with her passion and business expertise.  Olivia talks openly about her relationship with failure, how she turned her idea for Livia’s Kitchen from inside her head to inside Selfridges in just eleven weeks and how Vogue and Instagram were her unexpected tickets to ride.

You can buy Livia’s Kitchen’s gluten-free and vegan snacks at liviaskitchen.co.uk as well as Boots, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and more.

This episode is recorded in support of the Child Brain Injury Trust. The Child Brain Injury Trust supports families devastated by childhood brain trauma. Every year thousands of families are left without any support and often feel alone with nowhere to turn to and the Child Brain Injury Trust support families and professionals who find themselves in need of information about what’s happened and how to cope. Find out more at childbraininjurytrust.org.uk

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