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If I asked you for your definition of success, what would you say? For me, it’s simple: success is unique to each and every one of us.

Welcome to The Success Revolution, the podcast that’s changing the way we talk – and think – about success. Having worked with one too many women who’s had her confidence and her identity diminished as a result of working towards an antiquated definition of success – you know it, money, power, status, etc.

In this episode of The Success Revolution, we speak to author, journalist and art critic, Laura Freeman. Her critically acclaimed first book, The Reading Cure: How Books Restored My Appetite, was published in February 2018. A mindful, exquisitely written memoir of her passage away from anorexia, The Reading Cure is as much a love story to literature as it is a tender exploration of recovery and womanhood.

This episode is recorded in support of Smart Works. Smart Works provides interview training as well as interview attire to unemployed women in need, ultimately providing them with the clothes and confidence to allow a woman to be her best at a crucial moment in her life, giving her the self-belief and the practical tools required to succeed at interview and transform her life. Find out more about how to help at smartworks.org.uk.

The Reading Cure: How Books Restored My Appetite is out now. Buy your copy here.

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