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So, if you’re anything like us, you’ve had moments in your careers (your lives!) when you’ve craved more balance. Perhaps you made a huge career change to achieve that, we certainly did and we’re all the better for it. What’s become increasingly apparent is that we absolutely are not the only women who’ve jumped ship and started again at a critical time in our lives. In fact, we kind of feel like we are in the majority these days.

We often spend our days with likeminded career changers, women like utterly brilliant sisters, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins, who are the founders of the glorious beauty brand Balance Me, which isn’t just helping us feel all glow-y and youthful, but is also available on Ocado: WIN WIN.

Rebecca had burnt out as a Communication Director at a big multinational beauty brand, and Clare was feeling uninspired by her work as a high flying management consultant. They stepped away, took stock, retrained in reflexology and yoga respectively, and after the launch of a brilliant BALANCE focused corporate initiative, Balance Me was born. The sisters started making their own products after spotting a gap in the market for natural skincare that delivered real results, and that didn’t cost the earth. Proof that you can be highly successful, intellectually challenged and help other women, whilst still being able to do the school run and feel some inner peace to boot.

When Balance Me suggested a joint breakfast event around the theme of BALANCE (ha ha, figures, right?!) we knew this was going to be a goodie. And it was: the four of us led a round table discussion over homemade granola, at the rather glorious The Harcourt restaurant in Marylebone. We invited some of our favourite women in the world and the aim was simple: to give them an hour of Me Time that would remind us all of the importance of sometimes just prioritising ourselves. Here’s what we garnered on the day:


  • Give yourself a digital switch off time. Ours is 9pm. Works a treat for relaxing the mind.
  • Combine your hobbies with your family/friends: take your children to tennis with you, or go for a run with your colleagues. Let’s unite and find balance together.
  • Enjoy the journey, rather than pressurising yourself for immediate success. Your careers are long, enjoy the ride.
  • Don’t take pride in being busy. This is a false and dangerous measure of success, we are not believers.
  • Take time for self care. Honesty moment now: when we started Step Up, Phan washed her face with soap and water, and Alice was barely any better. Now we both take longer in the bathroom at night, sorry Rich and Tobes. But (big BUT) our skin looks better, and we feel more relaxed before bed too. We wholeheartedly encourage you to try it too!

In fact, we are now complete Balance Me converts, so we thought we’d share a favourite three Balance Me products each. Honestly, try them out, they really work and smell delicious too.


My sensitive, problem skin was literally cured by this gentle, nourishing cleanser

A great eye cream and concealer in one: my perfect time-saver for rushed weekday mornings.

My new wonder product. Dry lips, neglected feet, winter skin all gone with some love from this little pot of stellar balm.


This luxurious body wash actually makes me feel good, however badly I’ve slept! The smell is endlessly invigorating.

Balance Me’s facialist Mandy taught me how to properly massage my skin for amazing result. This moisturiser the nourishing final touch.

DISCLAIMER: this is an endorsed blog most, it makes up part of a paid collaboration with Balance Me. It might be paid for, but we never ever work with brands that we don’t truly believe in. We’re proud to be working with Balance Me, and we hope you have enjoyed this blog post!


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